While We Wait for What Comes Next, Let’s Think A Bit More About Fear of Death and Love and Sex

The failings of modern human beings begin by not understanding who they really are. The idea of art is to labor hard to find ways into the truth of human experience — the Truth — TRUTH — and to pass that insight into the world as a gift to be shared specifically because the basic failing of modern human beings is that they don’t understand who they really are. (Note, most writers don’t achieve that goal, but they damn well try to).

So much of human experience is not honestly dealt with. Part of the fault there is that Continue reading “While We Wait for What Comes Next, Let’s Think A Bit More About Fear of Death and Love and Sex”

Peeing on the Rug

It’s clear that Putin’s Russia, and possibly others outside the U.S., attempted to fuck with the American public in the 2016 election. You have probably read more than me on this problem. I just scan the headlines now. Waiting for a smoking gun doesn’t mean you have to become obsessed.

The methodology for fucking with us has been Continue reading “Peeing on the Rug”

Fear Factor: pick your terror, America

I’m going to talk a bit about fear here. But let me just give you the conclusion to this post right off the bat: You don’t have to be afraid of anything — especially terrorism. You shouldn’t be, anyway. There’s too much craziness in your life to be scared of anything specific. Pakistani novelist, Mohsin Hamid, said it really well on NPR the other morning:

“The first line of defense in terrorism is, very simply, courage to conduct yourself in this world in a way where you are not overwhelmed by anxiety and things that frighten you.” Continue reading “Fear Factor: pick your terror, America”

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